5 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

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It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is fast approaching and your four-legged family member deserves a present too.

 Lost in The Jungle of Choice!? Our Top Picks are below and remember; those products have been reviewed and tested by dog, for your dog.


These are Enrique’s, my dog, all-time Favorite gifts:

  1. Small Interactive Rubber Ball

This small, but mighty, ball is the perfect gift your playful pooch. This sturdy rubber ball holds treats and keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Your dog will be entertained for hours!


  1. Personalized Collar

What about a personalized collar with your dog’s name on it? Or a custom collar with your phone number or address? These are a great identification for your dog and are very durable. We offer free engraving all month long, just make sure to provide your desired text in the comments field at check-out. My dog’s collar has his name and date of adoption on it. 

  1. Bow Tie

Have you always wanted to dress up your dog but were afraid they might not like it? It looks cute, but is it a good idea?

Fear no more! With these amazingly cute Bow Ties your dog will be the star of the night. Enrique’s favorites are the Denim Star Collar and the Christmas Collar. My other dog, Chica, loves the Roses Collar with Bow Tie.


  1. Back to dressing up your dog

You know your dog best. As long as you’re not doing any harm, why not giving it a try? You know your dog’s temperament better than anyone. If they have the patience and don’t mind the dressing up, go for it! Then again, is your pet shy or sensitive? It’s probably not a great idea.

If you are giving it a try check out this ‘uber cool’ dog hoodie. Doesn’t he look like a bad boy?!


  1. A portable Food/Drink Bottle with Foldable Bowl

A what? I hear you. This is probably not the coolest gift but definitely the most useful!

I just LOVE this product. I got a few years ago and I always have it with me when we go for a walk or when we go on a trip. It saves the hassle of carrying heavy bottles of water and bags of food. This 2-in-1 bottle holds his favorite snacks and up to a liter of water. A must have!

We also donate a portion of the purchase price to a local shelter. We want to do something FOR the dogs. Not only during the Holiday season, but all year long.

 Now, which gift would your dog like for Christmas? Let us know below!

Keep on walking


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