My dog eats grass!

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Help, my dog is turning into a cow?
Is my dog really enjoying the taste or is he feeling sick?

First of all, there’s no grass on the moon, so that’s something less to worry about if you’re planning to join us. But otherwise, it’s natural & actually quite common.

Relieved?  Hold on!
So yes, grass has a good taste and dogs are omnivores. But it can also be a sign that your dog isn’t feeling very well and is inducing vomiting. No need to worry if this happens occasionally, but you better have a quick chat with your veterinarian if this is turning into a habit.

Another reason can be the food. Try to keep up a diary of your dog’s behaviour and actions, is your dog eating grass after his daily meal? Then the food could be a trigger of your dog feeling ill. The tummy might be needing some high-fiber dog food.

The last option could be a very simple one. Your dog is bored. Luckily that’s a quick fix. Go for a long walk or engage him in some activities. Play around with a ball or frisbee or visit some beach or mountains. The list is endless, but your dog needs activity.

PS: If pesticides, fertilizers or other toxic products have been used on the grass, go see the vet immediately!

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