Why do dogs turn their head?

Posted by Andres Rubio on

Do you know why dogs tilt their heads? It’s a fact that they look very cute, but are they angry, surprised or just curious? Let’s find out!

While we have to Google to understand what a dog means with his behaviour, dogs are impressively good at reading and understanding our body language, facial expressions and vocal cues. But.. they are not so good in finding out where a sound is coming from.

As they change the position of the head, it provides the dog with more information. The dog’s brain can calculate better where the sound is coming from and how far it is.

Secondly, don’t forget a dog has a muzzle making it difficult in some occasions to see the source of a sound. So again, tilting their head can make them better at seeing our faces and read the expressions.

They also do it because they know they look cute. How does your dog know? Every time your dog is looking at you and tilts head, you give him an overload of love. That's called Positive Reinforcement. 

Thanks Stanley Coren PhD. for figuring that out for us!


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